Study Says Immune Response Can Be Enhanced By Combining AstraZeneca And Pfizer Vaccines

An Oxford study found that the doses of both vaccines can enhance the immune response against COVID-19.

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A few weeks ago we wondered if it was possible to combine doses of different brands of vaccines and this week the Com-Cov1 trial of the Oxford Vaccine Group brings us new news, as they were dedicated to comparing mixed programs of two doses of AstraZeneca injections and Pfizer .

They found that the combination of both improves the immune response to COVID-19 thanks to the high concentration of antibodies produced against the spicular protein of the virus . Which supports the decision of few countries where the authorities allowed this type of vaccination.


The study recommends that the first dose be of AstraZeneca and the second of Pfizer, or vice versa, four weeks apart . “I think programs that have been shown to work should be kept, unless there is a very good reason not to do so,” said Matthew Snape , professor behind the finding.

The group of scientists is analyzing mixed programs with intervals of 12 weeks because in the study, involving 830 volunteers, it was found that the dose of AstraZeneca has a better response if there is a longer time between injections.

Authorities in Great Britain suggest an 8-week lag between doses for people over 40 years of age. In the country, more than 80% of adults have received one dose and 60% already have two doses of vaccines.

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