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It can be difficult to determine just how you should schedule your regimen. When is it best to have a rest day? Should you do legs more than twice a week? If you’re a beginner in the gym, you may not be getting the most out of your exercises, simply because you might not know the best workout split for yourself. Below, we will lay out our recommended workout splits for beginners, intermediates, and advanced gymgoers.

Best workout split for beginners

Monday: Full body

Tuesday: Off day

Wednesday: Full body

Thursday: Off day

Friday: Full body

Saturday: Off day

Sunday: Off day

If you’re just starting a new workout routine or have been away from the gym for some time, it’s not a bad idea to ease into things. This will put less stress on your body and it will prevent you from overworking yourself right away. Overworking is something that can end up discouraging a lot of newcomers, so it’s okay to take it slow for a bit. Use your off days by figuring out any dietary changes you may want to make to reach your fitness goals.

Best workout split for intermediates

Monday: Upper body

Tuesday: Lower body

Wednesday: Off day

Thursday: Upper body

Friday: Lower body

Saturday: Off day

Sunday: Off day

Once you’re used to a more regular regimen, it’s a good idea to designate certain days for your upper and lower body exercises. Twice a week, focus on your core, back, chest, and arms. And twice a week, shift that focus to your legs and glutes. This provides more variety and prevents things from getting stale or boring.

Best workouts split for advanced gym members

Monday: Upper body

Tuesday: Lower body

Wednesday: Off day

Thursday: Push

Friday: Pull

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Off day

If you’re an advanced fitness enthusiast, you probably already know what split you should be doing. Just in case, we’ll give a quick explanation. At this point in your fitness journey, you probably know how to take care of yourself better than anyone else. Start with your normal upper body and lower body workout to begin the week, followed by a rest day. Then, dedicate Thursday and Friday to “push” and “pull” workouts. All this means is that on Thursday, do exercises that require pushing movements like benching. On Friday, just do exercises where you pull, instead. This would include things like a back press or dumbbell rows. Then, on Saturday, dedicate everything you have to your legs – not the general lower body, but your calves and thighs specifically. Then enjoy a much-needed day off on Sunday.

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