Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, claims she eats Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and a cream tea with scones EVERY DAY – Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

She’s known for her svelte figure and effortless good looks, but Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed she doesn’t have a rigorous regime to stay trim and snacks on chocolate and scones every day.

In a video for Harper’s Bazaar, the Welsh-born actress that lives in LA, said that she ‘loves British snacks’ and always makes sure she has some in her US home.

The 51-year-old star explained that at 11 o’clock she always has a cup of tea and sweet treat. 

‘I usually have a cookie or something. I’m not a big snacker, except for anything chocolate.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, pictured enjoying scones with her father, says she enjoys cream tea with scones ‘every day’

‘For me chocolate is a real treat. I deserve it. I like Cadbury’s milk chocolate because it’s a British brand that I was brought up with, and it’s very comforting’.

She added that between lunch and dinner she also enjoys a traditional British afternoon tea.   

‘Always at 4.30 I brew my Catherine Zeta Jones coffee. I love it because it’s my blend, and it’s the kind of coffee that I love.

‘If I’m really really good. I’ve already baked some scones and clotted cream and jams, so I’ll have afternoon tea’.

The actress, who is married to Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas, 74, has always been open about her love of treats, and often posts on social media about her sweet tooth – including her penchant for making cookies, Welsh cakes and cupcakes.    

She added in the new video that she’s a ‘three meals a day’ kind of girl, and her breakfast needs are ‘seasonal’. 

The actress, who is married to Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas (pictured together), 74, has always been open about her love of treats, and often posts on social media about her sweet tooth – including her penchant for making cookies, Welsh cakes and cupcakes.

‘First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is get my coffee going because I really can’t do anything properly without my coffee,’ she explained in the video.

‘So I get that brewing. I usually put it into a French press because there’s something very nostalgic about that, I get up very early so my house is super quiet

‘I don’t usually eat breakfast until about eight o’clock. I like to have breakfast, as I’m a three meals a day kind of girl, but I do have very, very specific breakfast needs, and it’s all about daylight saving.  

‘In the winter hours, I’m a porridge girl. I have porridge with brown sugar, bananas, and I make it so the bananas are all soggy and full of brown sugar, and I put some blueberries on the top, and I literally have that every morning Monday to Friday.

The actress added in the new video that she’s a ‘three meals a day’ kind of girl, and her breakfast needs are ‘seasonal’. She is pictured at the Golden Globes in February 

She added that in her summer months she instead has ‘yoghurt, nonfat vanilla yoghurt, bare naked granola, blueberries, raspberries’.

On weekends, she has a traditional British fry up with imported British bacon, as well as ‘bangers’, baked beans and scrambled eggs.    

Catherine added that she also cooks a Martha Stewart French toast recipe with brioche bread and Canadian maple syrup for the ‘American side;’ of her family.  

‘Every weekend it comes together in a fabulous family brunch. We love it. I look forward to it all week,’ she explained. 

Discussing her midday meals, she went on: ‘I always sit down with to lunch with my husband if we’re not working. We’re very big on family meals I don’t know whether it’s my European connection. 

The actress often shares pictures of delicious spreads, including Welsh cakes (left) and pancakes (right)

‘If the kids are here [Dylan, 20, and Carys, 18], we start a we sit down or we have lunch, lunch is usually a lighter fare for us, always a salad. 

‘I always have salad with my lunch, and my dinner, so my favourite kind of salad would be a spinach. A mix of leaves, pine nuts, tomatoes.

‘I sometimes put a little blue cheese. I love blue cheese. My husband loves blue cheese. It’s an acquired taste, so I wouldn’t serve that to my guests. 

‘I like to throw some dry cranberries in my dressing, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, I sometimes put some mustard in there.

‘I have a salad every meal but breakfast because I just adore it. 

‘To accompany my salad is a little breast of chicken grilled’.

She added that she enjoys an early dinner, which is usually white meat or fish. 

‘Michael and I usually sit down for dinner at eight, usually if we go out before COVID we make a reservation for eight, but when we were in Europe we do 10. Our whole life tends to like shift into European hours so we do eat later. Then we go to bed later.  And then we get up later so it kind of works itself out. 

‘So a typical dinner for me would be my salad.

‘I love fruit, I always chop up an apple, throw it in a salad, of course I love avocado and a salad to, I will put oranges in my salad, figs in my salad. 

‘I love that combo. So my perfect supper probably would be a big fish and chicken white meat kind of girl.

She also revealed she enjoys a cauliflower cheese and apple pie as it reminds her of her mother’s cooking and is a ‘little piece of home’. 

‘I love to travel and I find that through food, you really get a sense of the life and the culture of a place and just from community of cooking together of chatting over making a meal is something so comforting and so universal’ she said.

‘When I was pregnant I craved Indian food every and every day I was brought up on Indian food in Wales, where I come from a fabulous huge Indian community Indian food has been really, you know into mixed into into Britain things I avoid to eat’.

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